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Message From The Principal

Mr. Prin Chan
Mr. Prin Chan

I am very confident and happy that you will choose S.M.H as the place to study or train for a qualification that will prepare you for English courses enhance your chances of getting into higher education.

S.M.H has considerable past experience in running various kinds of English courses and giving services to flow into the professional courses to the highest standards. In order to achieve high standards, classroom sites are deliberately kept to a minimum, so that students benefit from the close attention given to them by our highly qualified teachers.

  1. Our English courses are systematically monitor and update to incorporate new developments and teaching.
  2. The school offers courses for international recognized English Test for IELTS, TOEFL, GCE ‘O’Level. And has also designed its own courses to be convenient for our students.
  3. At S.M.H our dedication is to provide you with the confidence and skills needed to take place in the business world and the Language field.

Classroom Size

A maximum of 20 students in each course means students have a mix of study partners to interact and practice exercise with a good teacher.

In addition to, lessons focusing on exam skills and tasks, students have the chance to improve their overall English language skills and knowledge.

We have students from all over the country studying at S.M.H, giving our students a chance to make friends and communicate with a wide variety of nationalities in Myanmar.